Salon Policies.

About our Salon Policies.

We have created these policies to protect our guests, team & business. It is important that everyone on the premises feels safe. We believe in paying a fair wage – so it’s important to avoid any unscheduled down time.

In return we’ll promise you excellent service & beautiful healthy hair.


We do not discriminate against anybody for any reason, please feel welcome at JamesB Hair.

Our prices are gender neutral, therefore we price on hair length / density / & existing colour.

Please contact us in the strictest confidence.

Personal Data.

Your personal data is safely & securely stored with in the USA on Amazon Web Services and complies with current GDPR practices. 

We store this data to comply with our insurance policy. Your data is stored ‘active’ for 1 year from your last appointment with us, it is then marked ‘inactive’ and securely archived for a further 6 years as per the request of our insurance policy.

We do not currently run marketing activities with your personal data. We do not sell or pass your data on to a 3rd party.

You may request to view/delete your data at any time by contacting us.

Booking & Appointments.

First booking –

We ask that all new guests book their first appointment using our online service, we do this to streamline the booking process, ensure we have the correct information for you, are compliant with current data protection laws (GDPR), and to ensure our team are focusing on the hair at hand.

Online booking –

Inline with current trends within the service industry we offer an online booking platform. To ensure this service isn’t misused we capture and securely store credit/debit card details with our 3rd party provider (, nobody at JamesB Hair can access those details, and your details are only charged according to our cancellations and amendments policy.

Cancellations & Amendments –

We understand that life can sometimes get in the way, & we are entirely understanding when plans need to change, please email / message / text / or call us as soon as you feel your appointment will impacted by outside influences.

Please provide us with a minimum 48hrs notice for any appointment amendments, if you provide us with less than this, fail to attend your booked appointment, and we cannot fill that space we will make a charge to your stored card details. Charges are a % of the booked service and are calculated as follows:


  • 25% 48 – 24hrs.
  • 50% 24 -12hrs.
  • 100% 12 – 0hrs.

Unattended consultations are charged at £15. All fees are subject to a minimum charge of £5.

*We can be contacted via email/txt/iMessage/WhatsApp/Facebook/Messenger/Instagram/and even phone!

Arrivals –

Please ensure you arrive slightly before your appointment time, lateness may cut your services down, over 15mins & we may have to reschedule.

Services & descriptions –

The services we offer can be found on our price list, we cannot break these down, all clients requesting a cut will receive a Wash, Cut, Blow dry & Finish – we believe you should take the time to pamper yourself, enjoy every moment of the full service, from the wash & massage to the soft, shiny, bouncy finish – not a rushed dry cut!

Health & Safety.

Sensitivities –

We carry out all allergy tests where required, please inform us if you have any other allergies or sensitivities you feel could be aggravated in the salon. It is important that you make us aware of any sensitivity (itch, heat, burn) during a chemical procedure.

Skin Tests –

A mandatory skin test is required for all new clients 48hrs (at the latest) before your first appointment, you must make us aware of any reactions from this test. From time to time additional skin tests may be required.

Young people & children –

Due to the nature of the business & the size of the salon we are unable to allow anybody under 18 not receiving a service into the salon, this is for the safety of our guests & team. We do not offer services to children below the age of 16, young people (16-18) must be accompanied by an adult.

Hazards –

The salon contains Water/Electricity/Heated equipment/Heavy furniture/Trailing cables to name but a few dangers, please be vigilant and keep in mind everyone’s health & safety within the salon.

Colour Correction.

Charge –

Colour Correction is charged by the hour as quoted, a service fee of 20% is added onto the final bill during peak hours.

Process –

Colour correction is a process, therefore you are paying for a process not a final look. The final look might be achieved in one sitting, but sometimes/most of the time, it will take multiple sittings across many months. We will advise you at the consultation, be prepared to be patient – but it’s worth the wait, we promise!

History –

It is extremely important that you are honest & in depth as possible with your hair history, one forgotten bleach could mean, SNAP! Don’t worry, we strand test all colour corrections to ensure your hair integrity will be protected, be honest, we won’t judge.

Results –

May vary & are never guaranteed! As above, your look may take some time to achieve, if your hair is dark and you want to be white, prepare to be ginger for a few months.

Refunds & Guarantees.

Colour Guarantee –

Colouring services are only guaranteed when purchasing aftercare from JamesB Hair. We only recommend products that we truly believe will benefit your hair.

Product Refunds –

All unopened electrical and retail products can be returned in line with you consumer rights & current laws. We guarantee that you’ll love our suggested products, if you don’t get on with our suggestion we’ll replace it with an alternative.

Service Refunds –

We do not refund services, instead we offer to correct any mistakes, please contact us within 7 days of your completed service.

Complaints – can be made via: