Services & Prices.

About our Prices.

Our prices are based on how much hair you have, time taken, are gender neutral & priced to ensure our team receive a fair living salary. The below printed prices are a guide & may increase or decrease depending on hair length/density/existing colour, for an accurate quote please book a free consultation first. As a guide we recommend removing £10 (per service) for finer hair, and adding £10 (per service) for thicker/longer hair.

We want to be able to offer you the best possible fit for your budget, so we offer flexible price points across our team. We work out where our team fits based on their experience, training, and popularity. You can, and we encourage you to do so, split your treatment across multiple team members to receive the best possible value for money.

What should I book?

If you’re unsure on what service to book, please book a consultation first.

What’s included?

A thorough consultation with experts tips & advice, home care guides, an indulgent wash experience, beverages, magazines, snacks, super fast Wifi. All colouring services include bond building additives as standard.


All new colour clients are required to attend a free half an hour in-depth consultation prior to booking any colouring appointment, we recommend booking consultations around 6 weeks before your expected service date. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions & concerns.

Who needs a skin test?

Everyone! Chemical & colour reactions are nasty, take a look…(unsettling images) – nobody wants that to happen, that is why our skin testing policy is strict; if you have never had a chemical service with us, you require a skin test. Skin tests are required a minimum of 48 hours before any initial chemical service with us, these can be carried out at your consultation. We will also skin test randomly throughout the year, ensuring your safety.

For your peace of mind you may request extra skin tests if you so wish.

On to our Prices.

Cutting & Styling 

Wash, Cut & Finish Cropped Hair – from £25

Wash, Cut & Finish Short Hair – from £35

Wash, Cut & Finish Long Hair – from £45

Wash, Cut & Restyle – from £55

Wash & Finish – from £25

Party Ready Hair – from £35

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Everyday Colouring 

We price our colour services on hair length, density and time taken – listed below is a guide & services increase or decrease in cost depending on how much hair you have and who you book with.

Our team will be able to provide an accurate quote at your initial consultation.


Great for adding dimension to any colour.

Full Head  – from £75

Half Head – from £50

Partial Head – from £40

Strategic packets to quickly top-up between full/half head foils


Swept in colour for that natural, but high fashion look.

First Application – from £85

Top-up – from £65

Global Application.

 Permanent, Semi or Demi colour applied to all of the hair & scalp.

Full Head – from £25

Regrowth – from £20

Glossing – from £15

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Advanced Colouring 

We’re known for our high fashion vivid colour, and we love creating gorgeous bespoke colour – please book a consultation to chat about your wildest ideas! Below are our advanced colouring prices, these are there starting from price, and you will be accurately quoted at your consultation.


Full Head – from £55

Regrowth (1”) – from £35

Underlights Pre-Lighten – from £35

Panel Pre-Lighten – from £25

Bespoke Vivid Colour

Hidden rainbows, unicorns, and galaxies.

Pre-lightening required with either a foiling, balayage, or bleaching service. Prices are a starting guide, and may increase depending on complexity

Full Head – from £45

Under-lights – from £35

Panel – from £20

Colour Correction

(Charged per hour minimum 4hrs + 20% product charge)

Complete Correction – from £40p/h

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