Meet your team.

James – Established Artist.


James has been hairdressing for around 12 years. His passion has always been hair quality, improving the integrity of the hair is key to everything we do in the salon, a beautiful colour requires a beautiful canvas. He loves natural, shiny, sultry colouring as much as a full head rainbow, as long as the hair shines and looks incredible. His dream has always been to open a salon that specialises in restoring hair health, while pampering you in a fun, friendly & welcoming enviroment – and here it is! Please come in and enjoy 🙂

Sophie – Skilled Artist.


Bristol born and raised Sophie had a passion for hair from a young age, but as is always the case her parents steered Sophie towards a more academic route, so she attended university. After finishing her studies and having her first child, Sophie turned her attention back to herself & doing what made her happiest; HAIR! Sophie loves the creativity of hair, and bringing joy to guests lives through her love of hair! She qualified a year ago, so she’s at the beginning of her journey, but boy does she have passion & talent. Sophie is fast becoming a fantastic colourist & stylist, with her lust for knowledge she’s confidently learning the art/science of colour, and refining the secrets of improving/restoring your hair integrity. They met in a professional forum, Sophie approached James seeking an educational placement, James was happy to welcome her.

Megan – Student Artist.

Megan is currently seeking models, please contact the salon via Facebook.